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I am often asked, “what do you do, exactly?”I usually answer with something along the lines of, “Gosh, how much time do you have – and, have you eaten yet?“I’m one of those guys who has been both self-employed, doing everything for myself, or employed by others, doing everything I’m asked to do, and more.What this sort of “doer of things” tends to do is lead to someone who is capable of doing just about anything, because they had to figure it all out on their own, in order to thrive – and, frankly – survive.If you want the long version, I’ll be happy to tell you about it. Let’s get coffee! Since you’ve probably got other things to do right this moment, though, I’ll try to show you some of my work. If you want to learn more, you know where to find me! Enjoy.

Let's create something!

Michael Cohn - Creator of Things
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Jeep Mojave (OdinJeepJT) in Moab, Utah



360 Real Estate Tours


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Coffee With The Cohns

I'm a little crazy about my coffee. As a way of getting to know our neighbors and showing hospitality, my wife and I open up our coffee bar to anyone in our neighborhood. It has become a thing, that's for sure. So much so, that I shot and edited a trailer for it, this year, and even a website for the menu!


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Let's create something!

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